Transmission Repair

At MJM Engines, we provide reliable and expert inspection, removal and/or repair, and diagnoses of your transmission. We specialize in ALL transmission repair and replacements, no matter what make, model, or year of your car. No matter if your car is foreign, domestic, automatic or manual, the expertise at MJM Engines will get your transmission running again at peak performance.

transmission-repairWith MJM Engines, you will feel confident that your diagnosis will be accurate, our certified technicians will identify whether you have external minor repair or internal repair. Since 1993, we’ve proudly helped San Diego residents with engine and transmission repair. Our experience is second to none and you will be confident that your vehicle will be taken care of properly.

Ignoring the signs of a possible transmission problem may in fact cost you more down the road. Some of the basic signs to look for are:

  • Seeing fluid on the ground where you were last parked
  • If the transmission is slipping
  • If you see the RPMs on your engine going higher than normal
  • If the shifting from one gear to the next is taking longer or harder
  • Strange noise or vibrations
  • The color of your transmission fluid is now brown or dark in color
  • If your transmission fluid has a burning smell

These can all be signs of a transmission problem. But you don't have to wait until you have a problem before you service your transmission. Having your vehicle checked and serviced at recommend intervals will prolong the life of your transmission.

Why bring your auto to MJM Engines for transmission repair & service? 
We provide fast, quality and professional services at a fair price. We also pride ourselves in providing honest services

So for automatic or standard transmission repair, clutch repair, transfer case repair, differential repair, CV joint repair or universal joint repair, we've got you covered. You can trust MJM Engines to do it right the first time, and stand behind our work after the job is done. And we pride ourselves on offering our top-notch services at very competitive prices. 

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