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Transmission Repair in Santee

Because transmission fluid loses viscosity over time, flushing your transmission fluid regularly might enhance the life of the transmission itself and prevent some transmission complications that would require transmission repair. MJM ENgines provides top-notch cost effective transmission repair and auto repair services in Santee.

Santee Transmission Repair Protects the Life of Your Car

Today’s automatic transmissions are extremely complex units, and one of the most expensive systems in your vehicle. That’s why it’s so vitally important that they receive the right kind of maintenance and preventive care during their life cycle.

Transmissions have always relied on automatic transmission fluid (ATF) to cool and lubricate internal parts, and to transfer torque throughout the unit. Unlike older transmission designs, though, today’s transmissions also rely on electronic commands for shift points, torque converter lockup speeds and other functions.

As for ATF, today’s ATF formulations contain friction modifiers, anticorrosion agents and other additives that are tailored for specific makes and models. Putting the wrong brand of ATF into your transmission risks serious internal damage to the unit, or even complete transmission failure!

Changing and flushing ATF at regular intervals is essential for your transmission’s health. It’s even more crucial should your vehicle see severe usage, such as towing or hauling heavy loads; this kind of use stresses the transmission by overheating the fluid.

At MJM Engines, our service department specializes in transmission service, including flushing and replacing the ATF with fresh fluid to rid the unit of any varnish-like deposits that can result from old, oxidized fluid. We can also diagnose and repair any electronic problems resulting from shift solenoids, sensors or switches. It’s important to keep on top of these kinds of things to head off any trouble down the line!

Regardless of what you drive, give us a call at MJM Engines and let’s talk about your transmission’s maintenance needs!

MJM Engines offers quality Transmission Repair in Santee.

Request an appointment for a transmission check and fluid flush today at Roadrunner Transmission to stop common transmission problems, prevent transmission repair, and extend the life of your car! Call us soon to set up your next Transmission repair and transmission fluid change appointment. MJM Engines is proud to be your local electrical transmission repair shop in Santee.

MJM Engines is a drivetrain specialist serving all of Denver County with transmission and diesel automotive issues. With over 18+ years’ experience, we can help repair your transmission at affordable and fair prices. Don’t get duped, our honest team strives to earn your business and works hard to get your car or truck on the road at a fair and affordable price.

If you are experiencing problems related to your transmission, it is crucial to bring your car or truck to a trustworthy transmission specialist. If not fixed quickly and properly, the value of your will drop and there are potential significant safety issues as well.