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Santee Clutch Repair Mechanic

A clutch is a component in the transmission and is used to control the distribution of power along the power train. It will control the amount of power you car’s engine generates. It will also control power that transmits through the transmission, driving axle, and the wheels.

It works with your gear box and will stop the movement of the transmission whenever you change gears. As you can see, it’s an important part of your car and should be repaired immediately if it malfunctions. Here are some signs that indicate your clutch needs attention.

Slipping - The clutch controls the transmission, so if you lose control of it in any way, it’s a clear indication that there’s a problem with that component. If your clutch plate is worn down or damaged, your car might abruptly slip out of a gear. This causes the car to jerk or lurch without any action from you. If this happens, you need to approach your mechanic and let them examine the clutch.

Smell- The burning smell of the clutch is familiar to those who drive manual transmission vehicles. They experience it when they first learn to drive such an automobile. But if you’re an experienced driver and know how to change gears properly, and shouldn’t smell any odor at all. A strong burning smell is a clear indication that there’s a problem with the clutch or transmission. You should approach a trusted professional for clutch repair in Santee.

Sticking - The clutch can become stuck if there’s an issue with the hydraulic linkage. A stuck clutch won’t move freely when you press down on it with your foot and it won’t return to its normal position after you release it. This is a clear sign that there’s a problem and it also makes your car unsafe to drive. If your clutch sticks, you need to take your vehicle to a specialist for clutch repair in Santee.

It takes skill and experience to repair clutches and transmission, so you need to choose your mechanic well. Our company has the experience and offers comprehensive repair services. We will make sure your car works efficiently when you bring it to us.