Escondido Engine Remanufacturing

When it's time to replace an engine, you want a reliable, cost-effective solution that isn't a hassle to manage and implement. Quality Escondido remanufactured engines are the industry standard solution for engine replacement today.

But which Escondido engine remanufacturer should you choose?

For over 20+ years, MJM Engines has raised the bar for Escondido engine remanufacturers, offering the highest-quality engines that exceed industry standards with “same-as-new” performance.

Typically, our customers report improvement in three areas. Here at MJM Engines, we think these are the best reasons to consider us as your replacement engine partner:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Savings

Rebuilt engines by MJM Engines - high quality Escondido rebuilt engines for foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and marine applications. Here at MJM Engines, we stock plenty of engine parts as well and have an in-house complete automotive machine shop!

With MJM Engines, our team specializes in the replacement and remanufacturing of automotive engines. With an extensive line of high quality remanufactured and pre-owned engines for most import and domestic vehicle requirements, we can do the remanufacturing at our in-house machine shop or you can take it with you and install it yourself.

We offer warranty options and general terms and conditions for all of our products.

Why a Escondido remanufactured engine make more sense than ever: With new car prices climbing year after year, more and more dollar-conscious car and truck owners have grabbed on to what has long been a smart idea; replacing a worn out engine with a new one.

If your vehicle is in good shape but your engine isn't, replacing your engine is probably your best bet. It doesn't matter how old or worn out your engine is. You can exchange a poorly running oil gulping engine for a carefully Escondido remanufactured engine that will deliver "New Car" performance.

All Premium Remanufactured Long Blocks include: 

  • New Pistons and Rings
  • new main bearings
  • new rod bearings
  • new cam bearings
  • new oil pumps or oil pump kits
  • new lifters
  • new push rods
  • new long block gasket set
  • new expansion and oil galley plugs
  • new timing chain and gears and remanufactured cylinder heads. 
  • All moving components are machined or replaced.

Founded in 1993, MJM Engines is a private business built by guys with a passion for quality and a penchant for engines. For the past 20+ years, we have produced the highest quality Escondido remanufactured automotive and marine products at our facilities in Escondido. The latest in engine technology along with skilled machinists and committed support staff come together to give MJM Engines’ products unmatched performance and an unrivaled warranty.