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Are you in El Cajon and need help with your car, truck, or diesel transmission? Here at MJM Enginesl, we’ve helped thousands of individuals get back on the road who have had transmission problems in their diesel vehicles.

Your truck is important to you. If it’s a commercial vehicle, it’s a part of your business. If your truck has engine problems, having downtime is just unacceptable. You can be assured we make every attempt to provide the fastest turnaround without sacrificing quality work and quality time to every detail. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, every-time, all the time!

Will your truck not shift into gears?
Are the gears slipping when you shift?
Is your truck leaking fluid or will it not move at all?

Models we work on:

Detroit Diesel
Cummins Diesel
Caterpillar Diesel
Volvo Diesel
Deutz Diesel

All of these problems indicate a transmission or clutch issue that requires service from our experts. Bring your truck to us as soon as you notice a problem to potentially avoid extensive damage.

Transmissions are a very complex piece of machinery that requires expert attention and repair. We have the knowledge & experience to diagnose your transmission problems. We all know that some transmission shops will incorrectly diagnose a transmission issue that directly results in the vehicle owner spending a lot of unnecessary money when if the problem had been diagnosed properly, the owner would have saved money and time.

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