Automotive Machine Shop San Diego

Taking Care Of Your Vehicle From Bumper To Bumper

Don’s Automotive Shop will do more than just fix your immediate automotive issues! Our professional team will also advise you on ways to save time and money in the future. Our services are done by a staff that is professional and knowledgeable. Our team is ready and qualified for any challenge your vehicle may offer.

A Team Obsessed With Problem Solving

Don’s Automotive Shop was started by three team members who were tired of the games other shops would play with their customers. They formed an alliance based on serving the Phoenix community at the highest level.

If you live in Phoenix, don’t let just any mechanic handle your auto repair and vehicle maintenance needs. At Don’s Automotive Shop, you’ll get the highest quality service from experienced, well-trained, and honest professionals. We work on all foreign and domestic makes and models, and perform a comprehensive 28-point inspection with each and every service you have done at our auto repair shop. We do it all from the everyday oil change to brake repair jobs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about what we can do for your vehicle.

Engine Repair and Performance

Today’s engine is a collection of advanced parts and systems that provide the driving force to get you down the road. Modern electronics and materials may have made repairing engines more complicated, but the basic engine layout has not really changed over the years. We can take care of your vehicle’s engine, old or new, and keep it performing for many years.